Girl scout swap meet

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girl scout swap meet

Girl Scout SWAP Banners-great way to display them and keep them safe Girl . Cookie meeting game: "What Cookie Am I? I made small cards that popped · Girl . Each girl should come with swaps to exchange at our swap meet. The swaps don't have to be perfect but the girls should be making them. They should . SWAPS started long ago when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides first gathered for fun, songs SWAPS are a perfect way for Girl Scouts to meet each other.

The first person places the tape with the ring over the upside down duct tape at the point that the two ends intersect.

The second person folds the small piece of duct tape over and secures well. We skipped the lanyard hook in the making friends version.

We used tags we found there with holes already punched at a reasonable price and slid those onto the key ring. The girls wrote their names on them and were even given a self stick gem to decorate.

SWAPS Once we determined the number of girls attending and our budget, we selected 7 different swaps and ordered enough kits of each so everyone attending would end up with one of each.

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We looked at how many scouts of each age level we had and took that into consideration when selecting swaps. The swaps we chose for the Cadette — Ambassador girls was a little more complicated. The younger girls did finish first so we asked some Brownies to go help the older girls finish up. In hindsight, we should not have gotten the more complicated swaps since regardless of age, they do take longer.

We did specifically look for swaps that did not require any gluing at all. Get some great SWAP ideas on Makingfriends Setting up the groups and sign in We took the number of scouts and divided by the number of swaps. In our case it worked out to exactly 19 in each group. Our total was scouts so each group made swaps which averaged out to 7 each.

girl scout swap meet

The groups that had scouts that did not show up prepared the swap holder for the missing scouts and made their portion of the swaps. I used a spread sheet to figure it out. I used a color code to help ensure that the age of the girls in each group were kind of close together.

They really enjoyed this. This needs to be explained better for scouts that have never done this before. SWAPS are usually exchanged at an intertroop cookout or campfire. Swaps should be hand made. Store bought things take away from the concept of the gift.

Each girl should decide how many S. She may make them all the same, or make everyone different. If you are making S. It is a good idea for the Leader to have several SWAPS samples on hand as an example for those girls who cannot think of a single thing to make. They can also represent the theme of an activity or event.

30+ Cool Girl Scout SWAPS Ideas

Instruct the girls to create their S. Think about the kind of swap that you would like to receive from someone else. Try not to spend tons of money. Swaps are hand made, thus the girl is giving a part of herself to show friendship. Something made from donated or recycled material is more in the spirit of the swap. Plan ahead so you have time to make swaps. Enlist the aid of your troop, group, or service unit if you need help putting them together.

You must carry swaps to the event or ship them ahead of time and others will be carrying them away from the event. Swapping is a good way of starting correspondence with scouts from other states and countries. For this reason you usually attach your name or troop number and address for future reference. On the day of an event, each girl will come with her S. Leaders may want to come prepared with a few extra S.

This hat could be part of your troop identification. Perhaps matching painter's caps in your troop color.

girl scout swap meet

Make a display or scrapbook for Wider Ops night or troop visits. Put the swaps in a memory box or shadow box. Give the swaps away with your thank-you letters to sponsors and folks who helped you go on your wider op.

Put pins and patches on a hat or jacket.