Walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Thunder roads ohio january by Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine - Issuu

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Contact Us. Contact Us. Contact Us. Welcome to Welcome to OhioSwapMeet. com - Show Dates: FEBRUARY-Feb Welcome to fabula-fantasia.info Springfield Ohio Swap Meet and Car Show, Springfield, Ohio. K likes. Clark County Fairgrounds Shows - September 9, 10, and 11th Admission: $ JULY 10 - 12, LEXINGTON, OHIO AMA Sanctioned, Vintage Motorcycle Days, Hack'd magazine - Introduction to sidecars; Vintage Iron - restoration and There will be great facilities, activities, swap meet, bike show also a bike to give away. . OCTOBER 25, SPRINGFIELD, OHIO Walneck's Schedule of Swap Meets 8.

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Most sport touring bikes have shaft drive and liquid cooled engines. These features enable more power, less maintenance and less mechanical noise.

Since the engine and radiator is inside the fairing, hot air can be ducted out the bottom and sides far enough that the rider avoids most of the heat.

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Since sport touring bikes come from the factory with plenty of horsepower, there is rarely need for engine or exhaust modifications, leaving plenty of time and money for other refinements. Sport touring riders are serious about riding safety. Many have taken safety and advanced riding courses to develop their skills. Most wear helmets, boots, jackets, gloves and other armored riding gear. One of my favorite things about my fellow sport touring riders is that they are responsible people you can feel safe riding with, but that also brings up a question.

Where does the sport touring enthusiast find like-minded riders? After being mostly away from riding for several years while establishing a business, in I purchased a Honda ST and began looking for people to ride with. Contacting one of the officers to learn more, I was invited to an informal Spring ride.

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Enter the sport touring bike. Start with a large displacement sportbike that combines power, handling, braking and control. Typical factory modifications include comfortable seating for two normal sized people, hard luggage, a fairing for wind protection, electric adjustable windshield, large fuel tank, heated grips, cruise control, etc. Although some riders add forward highway footpegs for an alternate leg position, footpegs are under the rider for maximum control, typically placed as low as possible while preserving cornering clearance.

Taller handlebars, placed closer to the rider to allow for a more upright riding position, complete the package. A wide variety of brands and bike models were on hand, along with about fifty friendly people, mostly suited up in nice riding gear.

After a nice lunch with new friends, I headed home to Dayton, Ohio; about miles for the day. Norm found he liked a brisk pace, and lost interest in large pure touring bikes in the s.

They have a website ridemsta. Curated routes are provided in GPS and map form, carefully crafted by local members who know every good road in the region and have cleverly strung them together into spectacular routes.

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

Typical route length is miles in a day. Inhe had an opportunity to trade a friend for an almost new Kawasaki Concours.

With over horsepower, decent adjustable suspension, cornering clearance, good brakes, shaft drive, large tank and fairing, it turned him into a sport touring rider for good.

A typical rally has half a dozen or more routes of varying length and complexity to choose from. When you attend a MSTA rally, you will be riding with a small typically group of riders who are safe, experienced, wear gear and ride wellmaintained bikes. This is a really fun bike to ride. If you have a chance, you should try one out. First off, this is simply a blast to ride.

walnecks swap meet springfield ohio 2016 trick

The bike is extremely well balanced. Despite the weighty batteries and its overall pound weight, it feels small and very maneuverable. This feeling is magnified by the fact that the bike is virtually silent. I thought that the comparison made far more sense when you considered what Tony Stark might feel flying around in his super suit.

Many scoff at this and seem to want to dismiss the bike because of this.

Thunder Roads Ohio October by Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine - Issuu

How long are most of your rides? I have a mile commute, and this was certainly no problem each day. How about around town, down to the local bike night, or just to grab coffee? Cost is really the biggest question, when it comes to practicality. However, there are tax credits electric vehicle, etc. The real question, though, is how much is fair for a really fun bike that will be an absolute blast to run around town on?

And none of those bikes were getting run for many more miles than I was putting on the Empulse. Next month — we will look at more of the technical aspects of the bike and consider the fact that she has a transmission! You really just need to get on one and try it out. Fortunately, our friends over at American Heritage Motorcycles have several of them available to Demo. Just give them a call or stop on by.