Discuss the relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis in asia

Relationship between earthquakes, tsunamis

Rescue workers in Indonesia continued a desperate search for survivors Sunday, two days after a powerful earthquake hit the island of. Scientists expressed surprise at the size of the tsunami that Indonesian city of Palu on Friday, saying an earthquake like the one that . Dr. Comfort said she had been discussing the project with three More in Asia Pacific. Earthquakes occur every day, but most people don't notice the small ones. of the seafloor during an earthquake creates large tsunami waves, northwestern Malaysia around pm in local time (GMT) Sunday, Dec Such preparation can make a difference not only physically, but also emotionally.

What early warning systems were in place and did they fail?

discuss the relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis in asia

There have also been suggestions that buoys out to sea that detect earthquakes and tsunamis as part of the early warning system had not been serviced for six years and were faulty. Unlike the tsunami that devastated south Asia, this wave was not was prompted by an earthquake hundreds of miles out to sea.

Indonesia earthquake: Hundreds dead in Palu quake and tsunami

Instead it was a localised tsunami resulting from an earthquake close to the coast. It has been estimated that the tsunami waves hit Palu only 30 minutes after the quake.

2004 Tsunami Caught On Camera FULL VIDEO

They cannot afford to wait for a siren or a warning, they need to move instantly. Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia Furniture sits partially submerged in mud in a Palu house on October 4.

Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Causes & Information

Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia This aerial image shows local residents lining up for gasoline in Palu on October 4. Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia A victim's face is bandaged at a makeshift hospital in Palu on October 3. Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia Quake survivors salvage items from the debris of a factory complex in Palu.

discuss the relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis in asia

Hide Caption 8 of 37 Photos: Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia A woman mourns in Palu on Tuesday, October 2, after her relatives were found to have died in the earthquake. Hide Caption 9 of 37 Photos: Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia People ride a scooter past a partially submerged mosque in Palu on October 2.

discuss the relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis in asia

Even without such forecasts, there are some basic things that can be done to prepare for an earthquake. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that all families everywhere should have an emergency kit in their home and car, and communicate with your loved ones a plan for any type of disaster not just for earthquakes.

Such preparation can make a difference not only physically, but also emotionally. Keep heavy objects away from beds and sitting areas, and fasten fixtures such as large televisions to the walls. Locate a safe place in each room, under a sturdy desk or table, where you can seek refuge from falling objects. If you are outside, get into an open area, away from structures or bridges. According to FEMA, many deaths in the Long Beach earthquake occurred when people ran outside, only to be crushed by falling debris from collapsing structures.

Remember that the shaking ground rarely causes injury or death; instead, it is the falling objects that result from the quake. If you are in a car, stop as soon as you are able, but stay inside the car. If you are at or near the beach, move quickly inland to avoid potential waves from tsunamis.

After an earthquake, proceed with caution.

Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Causes & Information

Remember that most earthquakes are generally followed by aftershocks. Keep an eye and a nose out for gas leaks.

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If you were inside during the quake, move outside. Listen for public service announcements; a battery-powered radio is ideal for your emergency kit. In the early 19th century, the New Madrid series of earthquakes rattled the central United States. No seismographs existed at the time, so researchers used historical eyewitness accounts to determine that the magnitudes of the quakes ranged between 7 and 8. Huge waves formed on the Mississippi, causing some portions of the river to appear to flow backward.

One of the world's most destructive earthquakes, more thanpeople died from collapsing buildings and the resulting firestorm.

Indonesia tsunami and earthquake death toll tops , hundreds more injured - CNN

The quake also resulted in enormous tsunami waves. The largest earthquake ever recorded, the quake in Chile killed more than 1, people, with many of the deaths resulting from tsunamis. Waves reached 38 feet