Radicalizing the romanceless relationship

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fabula-fantasia.info . society define your masculinity based on being in a relationship or not. I will use marriage as a proxy for long-term relationships, as it is easier point of Radicalizing the Romanceless rather than detracting from it. Radicalizing the Romanceless (explaining why some men go Incel or .. No, actual nice guys don't feel like they're entitled to a relationship.

My definition of Nice Guys is this: They are generally unattractive to women. This strategy is mostly ineffective. The guy in question feels frustration about this state of affairs, and it has significant negative effects upon his life.

radicalizing the romanceless relationship

You must be working from a much narrower definition if you include qualities such as: It means to say something that you know is false. A lot of them are good people.

The only universal nice guy behavior that might be considered dishonest is that they do nice things for others in hope of some payoff for themselves.

Radicalizing the Romanceless | Slate Star Codex

Hell, even animals do it. Ever have a pet who acted all lovey-dovey when they were hungry and their dish was empty? Do you know where else I found that sentiment, albeit expressed in a much calmer, civilized manner? Specifically the cluster of blogs dedicated to "Neurodivergent" people, meaning people with various mental disorders.

Is it that hard to believe that a significant number, if not all the people who identify as redpillers, "nice guys", nerds or whatever you call them suffer from various mental disorders?

radicalizing the romanceless relationship

I mean, if you don't believe me you can visit the site I mentioned and attempt to rationalize the contents of the board as something a reasonable, healthy person would engage in. I'll be very impressed if you do. I mean, I know engaging in armchair psychology usually isn't something anyone should do, but is it that unbelievable to imply that someone who spent several years of his life in complete isolation and spends his whole day writing long political rants on an obscure japanese cartoon image forum might not be in the right state of mind?

Now, if we assume I'm right in my theory and most people in these environments are various shades of crazy, there's a lingering question regarding this whole conflict, at least in my eyes.

How exactly would you justify shaming and making fun of a person who is obviously mentally unstable and needs professional help? More than that, this policy of point and shame comes from a movement which is supposedly doing its part in fighting against the shame and mockery of marginalized groups of people. People with untreated mental disorders which experience extreme difficulty existing in society compared to everyone else are certainly a marginalized community, aren't they?

Don't we have various forms of entertainment which misinterpret, romantize and demonize mental disorders in various ways? Didn't society treat these people with lobotomies and primitive, nonconsensual shock therapy at some point? I've noticed several ways in which this eerie apathy and sadism Yes, if you make fun of people with mental disorders with your friends and find their pained reaction to your actions entertaining, I'm going to argue that you might be engaging in sadism.

The fact that people not only consider the abuse of a random human being to be comical, but also get mad at said victim of abuse for not agreeing and finding their own abuse funny so everyone but them feels comfortable reminds me of certain people who get mad when receiving negative backlash for racist humour. Potential school shooter, certain rapist, guaranteed abuser, public enemy number 1. The dreaded "Nice guy" lurks behind every corner waiting for his next victim, teeth barred, ready to pounce!

I'm no stranger to how angry and hateful a large portion of the "Nice guy" population is. Women objectify men socially, financially, emotionally and physically. I have no doubts that twice as many MIT grad students are virgins as are high school seniors.

Radicalizing the Romanceless

I also have no doubts that there's a correlation between "have you used a weapon in a fight" and "how often do you get laid. How many older women can say things like "I cashed the 40 for a couple 20s?

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Can you name anyone besides Madonna who ever took a "trophy husband? In fact, one might surmise that the dedicated MIT grad student has reasons not to be weighed down by the pursuit of chicks. Sure, we all want tail but a lot of those guys who get a lot aren't really pursuing anything else. They don't have a grad thesis weighing them down.

The reality is this: Do not presume you are the last. You might be the middle. And to someone, you might even be the first.