The moon reversed relationship outcome

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the moon reversed relationship outcome

18 - The Moon Tarot Card Meanings - Upright ELEMENT: WATER The Moon tarot card is all about illusions and masks. There is something going on behind the. The Moon tarot card upright and reversed meaning, reading in love and Don't be in haste to end or begin a relationship as the outcome would be unpleasant. Moon reversed Using Tarot Cards. I've been seeing a lot of this card lately in relationship readings. Most of time it appears in the position of.

But, both ways are interpretations that should make you feel a little more in control of your situation -- and, in fact, you could find yourself feeling a lot better as a result. These cards are the ones that give you the larger picture or the overall influence relating to the question you've asked.

The Minor Arcana are the trees to the Major Arcana's forest, so when you get the Moon card, pay close attention because it's a Major Arcana card, but realize that you need more detail from the Minor Arcana cards around it -- and that's especially apt for the Moon.

In general, the Moon can mean one of two things. One is that there is something hidden going on, things aren't being revealed completely, or you can't see a situation clearly. Part of this lies in the moon's residence in the night, reflecting only what little light it gets from the sun, rather than illuminating anything itself; thus, the Moon card indicates there is little true illumination in a situation.

the moon reversed relationship outcome

The other part of not seeing things clearly is related to the moon's link to water and tides; just as water can erase or obscure objects, so too can the moon obscure information or feelings. The other meaning, though, is essentially that things aren't as bad as they seem. This too is a form of not seeing a situation clearly, but it's a much more positive one.

It's a sort of "darkest hour is before dawn" type of deal. Think about how you feel in the very early morning, before dawn but after those worrisome hours of 2 or 3 a.

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So when you get the Moon reversed, you can go off in a couple of directions with your interpretation. Reversals, remember, can indicate reversed interpretation, blocks, removal of blocks, and confusion. Apply that to the Moon card, and you get some overall positive vibes. Plot Twist One common interpretation is that you've been under a confusing influence or dealing with a trickster, but that situation is now turning around for the better. You can see it more clearly, find out what's really going on, make much better connections, and take more confident actions.

the moon reversed relationship outcome

Maybe there was something weird about that job you interviewed for that you couldn't quite pinpoint, but the Moon reversed indicates you'll figure out what was setting off your internal weirdness radar. Or people just seemed kind of out of it when you dealt with them, as if Mercury retrograde were in effect, and now things are going more smoothly. Another common interpretation of the Moon reversed is that you think things might be out of your reach or comprehension, but they're really not as bad -- yes, that's similar to one of the upright interpretations, but in this case, it's not the darkest hour before dawn -- it was never that dark to begin with, and now you can see that.

This could indicate a case of Impostor Syndrome, especially if you're asking about your career and get this card in a position that deals with your feelings and actions. Of course, it is possible for the Moon reversed to also mean that the situation may be even more confusing than you realized; in other words, the larger extent of the confusion is becoming clear.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning: Illusion, fear, anxiety, intuition, uncertainty, confusion Interpretation: It means that you are highly insecure and doubtful about the present situation.

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Although everything around appears to be normal, you are well-aware of a major problem brewing up. Plus, the intuitive messages you apparently get while dreaming seems to cause more confusion and difficulty concentrating on vital things in your life. It would be advisable to get in touch with your inner self and understand the reality, based only on facts.

the moon reversed relationship outcome

In Love Reading Symbolism: Bonding, self-improvement, passion Interpretation: Couples might be able to work out their relationship by amending themselves and creating a peaceful dwelling. If you are single, there might be a possibility of a passionate relationship culminating either in a lifetime engagement or painful breakup.

Create a good impression at your workplace by staying patient and calm. Your colleagues and superiors may try to put you in a false position, but your presence of mind would help in coming out of the situation. According to the card, you have to wait a bit longer to go forward with any new business venture or money investment. Overindulgence might be the cause of your current health conditions. Regarding pregnancy, the card symbolizes fertility and nurture. Disarrangement, restricted thoughts, mental agony Interpretation: Now your instincts are so strong that you want to divert from regular rules and regulations and do something adventurous.

The result might lead you getting trapped in a web of lies and unethical deeds. The Moon suggests you face your innermost fears and anxieties with confidence rather than running away otherwise your life will be in the doldrums.