Defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

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defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

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The group also presents a range of collegiate experience, another plus for VanHootegem. The trio includes a former Norman High vaulter and two horizontal jumpers. We were very interested in signing her all along, but it certainly helped when she came on so strong at the end of her senior year," VanHootegem explained. Julia is a very focused and hard working athlete and fits very well.

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She completed our quartet of talented freshmen vaulters on the women's team. We are very excited to see her progress here at OU. We can't let her get away.

defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

We also saw her as someone who will make the others around her better - like Bill Russell and Magic Johnson in basketball. This dynamic is more subtle in track and field, but at OU, it is very important as we take a very team-oriented approach. She arrived with her greatest credentials in the long jump. We also see her expanding her role to include the triple jump and potentially the sprints.

I am overjoyed that she chose to be a Sooner. It was the latter that led another jumper to sign with OU. OU track and field head coach Jim VanHootegem is excited to see how the seven Sooner signees will help build upon the team's success last season. Her profile is one of a talented athlete who is a dedicated student and a hard worker.

What sets Nay apart is that, despite her quiet demeanor, she is a fierce competitor. She was an outstanding long jumper and relay runner in the state of Mississippi. I really like that she has a good sense of herself and what is important to her. We are thrilled Nay is joining us and we have high hopes for her. She will bring instant competitiveness at the Big 12 level.

I think she is ready and capable of making a foray into the elite national scene. She is a great student and very good team person which fits our profile. The hurdles are not for the meek and CeCe is not that. She possesses the courage which is necessary to excel at the highest levels and that is so crucial.

In addition to what she can contribute as an individual, we believe that she can help establish the attitude that we want to see as a hallmark of the Sooner program. She is a big addition for us and is definitely one to watch. Athletically, she is a 'no-brainer,' coming in as the reigning Big Sky champion and a second-team All-American in the long jump," VanHootegem added. Upon his return to the states, Wilkinson decided to give up football and work in his father's Minneapolis mortgage business.

Not long after his decision, Wilkinson's Navy buddy, Jim Tatum, Oklahoma's new head coach, asked him to come to Norman as an assistant coach. Wilkinson accepted and in one year, he was the Oklahoma head coach and athletic director.

Inhe resigned from OU and ran for the U. Senate as a Republican, but fell short. Wilkinson was an ABC sports analyst fromand fromhe coached the St. He also served as a consultant to President Nixon and was a member of the White House Staff from Wilkinson died in of congestive heart failure at age His venture in the first year after World War II had never happened before or since because NCAA rules would not permit it and no school could afford it.

The process almost bankrupted OU. Tatum had tryouts, winter practices, spring practices and summer practices. In pursuit of building a national powerhouse, he snared many discharged servicemen who had played at other colleges before the war.

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Tatum also raided rival campuses, recruited a conventional number of high school seniors and ran off most of the players. Estimates on the number of players who tried out ran as high as Oklahoma's recruiting class produced nine All-Americans. Tatum was head coach one year at North Carolina before the war and led a Navy team at Jacksonville. Some of the regents were more impressed with Charles Bud Wilkinson, Tatum's friend who accompanied him on the interview, than Tatum.

George Cross privately hoped Tatum would leave so he could elevate Wilkinson. Tatum had become "very difficult to work with," said Cross. Tatum did accept the contract with Maryland. From there, he accepted the head coaching position at the University of North Carolina.

Tatum died suddenly in of a mysterious viral infection despite appearing to be in excellent health. Dewey Luster At 5-foot-4, pounds, Dewey "Snorter" Luster made a mark at his alma mater as the football and boxing coach. He piloted Oklahoma football to Big Six Conference titles in andand his team never finished below second place in the Big Six. He resigned after that season. Luster lettered four years as a football player at OU.

He was a starting end his last two years and team captain of the undefeated team his senior year.

OU Track and Field Introduces Signees

Luster organized the Sooners' first wrestling team in while he was still an undergraduate. At that time, he also installed a boxing program at the university, which was winless in two meets. The sport was discontinued after that season. Luster got his nickname because he snorted so much as an amateur boxer. He decided he did not want a boxing career after fighting professional Mutt McGee for 10 rounds when Luster was only 15 years old. Inhe received his law degree from Oklahoma. Luster died at age 81 in his Norman home.

Tom Stidham Oklahoma's 10th football coach, Tom Stidham posted OU's most successful record of all time against Texas with only one loss in four years. His greatest triumph while at OU was his demolition in of Coach Lynn Waldorf's Northwestern team that was picked to win the national championship. Stidham's Sooners were undefeated in the regular season and were ranked No. After OU's hard-fought loss to the Volunteers, Stidham went back to his hotel room, took off the gray suit he had worn triumphantly in the 10 games Oklahoma had won and dropped it out the fifth-floor window.

He was a native Oklahoman who grew up in Checotah. Stidham was one-sixteenth Creek Indian. InStidham went to the University of Iowa, but before he gained eligibility, Hanley, who had accepted the coaching position at Northwestern, asked him to be an assistant coach. He was Northwestern line coach from Captain "Biff" Jones hired Stidham to coach the Oklahoma line in When Jones left inStidham became the head coach.

In his time, Stidham placed more of his Oklahoma players with professional teams than any other coach. In17 Sooners started in pro football and 10 stayed all season.

Lawrence Jones Oklahoma's ninth football coach, Lawrence "Biff" Jones had also served as head coach at Army for four years and at Louisiana State for three years During his month tenure at OU, he rebuilt the athletic training department by adding whirlpool baths and needle showers and organized the equipment department to save thousands of dollars. He installed the Warner system of single and double wingbacking, a shift, and strengthened the faulty Sooner running game.

At the end of Jones' first season, the Sooners rushed 1, yards, nearly yards per game, while permitting the opponents only yards. At Nebraska, Jones led the team to two Big Six titles in four years. He coached the 'Huskers from InNebraska was ranked 11th in the country and inNU was ranked seventh in the country. Lewie Hardage The backfield coach for Vanderbilt before accepting the head coaching position at Oklahoma inLewie Hardage played football as well as baseball for the Commodores.

During his tenure at OU, he developed a lightweight football uniform consisting of foamed rubber head gear, knee pads and shin guards along with pants that ended three inches above the knee.

This gear weighed approximately eight pounds, half of what the old style had weighed.

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He also built OU's fastest all-weather football field in his time. Only 12 players attended spring practice inbut running back Bill Pansze kept the Sooners up for the first half of the season. A knee injury in the Texas game took Pansze out for the remainder of the season and severely slowed the OU running game. Hardage was fired in He then became the backfield coach at the University of Florida. Hardage later married and moved to a farm in Mississippi.

Adrian Lindsey Oklahoma's seventh football coach, Adrian "Ad" Lindsey, is remembered as the coach who resigned quietly after failing to produce a winning team.

defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

Lindsey's record was not that bad, however. His players were small in size and number and the schedules they faced were too difficult for such a small squad. Lindsey's team defeated Nebraska,marking the worst defeat the Cornhuskers saw from a Big Six team in two decades.

defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

Inhe took his team and defeated the University of Hawaii in Hawaii, This game marked the first time a university from the midwest was asked to play in the islands. Before coming to Oklahoma, Lindsey was an assistant football coach at Kansas, his alma mater. After his coaching tenure with the Sooners, Lindsey returned to KU as the head football coach until He also played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates from to and in Montreal for the Canadian League from to He died at age 85 in Bennie Owen At the age of 17, Oklahoma's sixth football coach made part of the famous Cherokee Strip run from the south Kansas border into Indian Territory, making him a true Boomer.

His age prevented acquisition of any land, but his sense of adventure took him four miles into the territory before turning back. Bennie Owen coached Oklahoma for 22 seasons, longer than anyone else in school history. He began a tradition and a stadium that have endured for almost a century. Before coming to the university, Owen played and coached under Fielding Yost at Kansas and Michigan, and helped develop Yost's feared hurry-up offense.

In it, Owen, the quarterback, would yell out signals for the next play on the bottom of the pile up of the preceding play. Although Owen only weighed pounds, he was respected by all as a fierce competitor. Four of Owen's Oklahoma teams -- and -- were undefeated. Owen's first football star at OU was Owen Acton ina halfback, who the university recognizes as its first all-conference player.

Despite this, the season was misfortunate for both Owen and Oklahoma athletics. Owen lost his arm in an October hunting accident which left him out of coaching for the remainder of the season, and the athletic director, Vernon Parrington, was discharged by the new governor, Charles Haskell, along with all other Republicans at the university.

It was not until that Owen and his players began to get national attention. About this time, Owen began to seriously play around with the forward pass, which had been introduced on a highly restricted basis into open up the game. Reeds was the first to make good use of the pass, but another Sooner All-American, Forest "Spot" Geyer, built a legend with it.

Owen coached six more years after before becoming solely athletic director. InOwen was one of 21 coaches to be elected to football's first National Hall of Fame.

Fred Ewing Oklahoma's fifth football coach, Fred Ewing was hired to coach the Sooners for the season, through Thanksgiving Day. He became the first Oklahoma coach to insist on using only scholastically eligible varsity players. Despite the fact that Ewing was only one year removed from his collegiate football career and that Roberts and McMahon, the two Oklahoma coaches before him, had played, he never participated in any of Oklahoma's varsity games.

Ewing regularly used the Minnesota Shift, a formation in which on nearly every play, one offensive tackle was set behind the other offensive tackle and carried the ball or blocked.

defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

Ewing's team defeated the Aggies, Ewing devised a system of strapping strained ankles with adhesive tape that was years ahead of its time. The system got varsity players with injured ankles back into action quickly. The day after the Thanksgiving game, Ewing returned to medical school in Chicago.

Mark McMahon Captain and left tackle of the University of Texas team, Mark McMahon heard of Oklahoma's head coaching vacancy after the Texas and Pacific Railroad team of Dallas, composed of ex-college players like himself, defeated Oklahoma That game marked the first time an Oklahoma football team ever played at the Texas State Fair.

defender bg fun 3 5a district track meet

McMahon, who just graduated from UT Law School, asked for the coaching job to pay back his school expenses. He was hired under the condition that he would teach the OU team the wing shift, the trick play the Dallas team used to defeat the Sooners. McMahon's style was a mixture of the popular Princeton vogue he had learned at Austin combined with some moves he learned from the coach of the Dallas team, Charley Moran.

He stressed line play and introduced the first tackling dummy in Norman. McMahon was known to suit up and throw some tackles if the team needed him. He liked long, hard schedules and because of that, the team played more games on the road than any OU team before or since.

Of the 12 games in two months, only two were played in Norman.